Ever wonder how to throw your own silent disco? Now you’ve found it.

Take your classes outdoors.
Turn any phone into a
silent-disco with Discology.

All you need is 3 things:

  • Phone
  • Headphones
  • Discology

Why we built this

As a DJ and event organizer for 18 years I recognize the huge amount of time, effort, and cost there is to throw an event.

Events are great. When done well it makes our cities and communities better.

It is, in our mind, the social glue that binds us all together.

Without events we wouldn’t have culture and is why we need to make it easier to to do them.


Discology allows you to....


Novel Programming

Bring novel ways for my students to have a playful learning experience. In the outdoors.


More accessibility

Lower costs means more accessibility and focusing on the experience. Our app makes it so that your costs are next to none.


A New Following

Outdoor attendees can become new studio members.


A breath of fresh air

Hosting a class on a beach in the morning or in the afternoon at a local park creates a new experience in a new environment.


Outdoor has no limits

Host a class in the studio while hosting three other classes in a park, on a beach, and rooftop next to a swiming pool; all at the same time.


Grow Communities

We realize the best way to grow communities is through gifting. We offer free session through Discology for our potential members to find us.

This is why I created Discology.
Where all you need is 3 things:
Discology App

A silent-disco in your pocket. Wow. We’ve seen people do remarkable things like throw YOGA classes at the beach, after party dance parties, poetry readings in the park, roller skating lessons; and we excited to see what creative stuff comes next!

How it works

Step 1

Download Discology
+ Create Event

It will allow you to stream to people’s ears like a silent disco!
or...create a new one. Make sure your event has all the right details. Location, Pricing, What they need to bring

Step 2

Share Link
with Friends

The same way you would promote a ZOOM or sell tickets, use the URL to send the event to attendees.

Step 3

Show Up and Stream

Show up to the beach, park, or party with the equipment that you’ve set up with. Only thing required is the need to be conneted to the world wide web!

What do I do with a silent-disco?

silent disco yoga

Yoga at the Beach at sunset.
Zumba at the Civic Center in the mornings.
Poetry at the Park on Sundays.
Meditate in the Forest
Acro in the Mountains.
After-Party at the house.

Your imagination is the only limitation.

Why use Discology?


  • No upfront cost: 10% service fee per user

  • Equipment: Phone, Headphones

  • Setup: Download App, Open App, Stream


  • Cost: $200 for a set of 10-20

  • Equipment: Silent-Disco Headsets, Transmitter, Wires to Plug Into Transmitter, Chargers for Headphones, Rental Box

  • Setup: A whole bunch of things


Join The Discology

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